About Us

In terms of section 75 of the Electronic Communications and Transactions Act (“the Act”) Cloudseed Pty Ltd, has designated the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA) as an agent to receive notifications of infringements as defined in Section 77 of the Act.


Cloudseed was founded in 2006 and given effect through the implementation and delivery of a bespoke turnkey solution for the Gauteng Provincial Government. Cloudseed built, operated, and leased a custom-made Educational Private Cloud implementation on behalf of the GPG for the benefit of the Gauteng Department of Education.

The solution deployed is groundbreaking in scale, covering some 1,600 public schools and servicing well over a million users comprising educators and learners from both foundation and secondary schools. The solution provided:

• A managed 25 workstation shared access laboratory;
• Printing facilities;
• Presentation facilities;
• Access to the internet;
• Each user with their own personalised user profile;
• Email;
• Backed up user data in the cloud;
• Productivity tools (such as Word processor and spreadsheet);
• Google Earth; and
• Educational software.

This was provided to each of the schools on a custom built and operated network that provides high speed internet to the schools from our data centre, from where all of the network services are delivered. Each school connects to a base-station or Local Services Node (LSN) which is connected to our data centre by means of a high capacity backhaul network.

Our Technology Solution

Cloudseed built a significant network in order to provide its cloud services. Our network Spans over some 5,000 nodes under management, across a number of base stations that connect in excess of 2 million named users to its services infrastructure. Cloudseed boasts monumental scale upon which additional services can easily be built.

Through our robust and efficient network Cloudseed have successfully delivered:

o 1.5 Million learners empowered with full access to all services;
o 700,000 Educators;
o Migration from Microsoft to open source;
o 70% of the schools are township establishments;
o Over 48,000 internet requests per hour;
o Highly flexible technical model;
o Global interest in our solution;
o Core technology fully open source;
o Largest example of its kind in the world;
o Over R300 Million spent on BBE SMMEs.

Deployment of the Open Source has been one of Cloudseed’s key successes. An open source solution was deployed to 1,584 schools in a rapid manner over a period of 10 months.

In 2013, Cloudseed Botswana was established as a first step in expanding our ICT business to the rest of the continent. Cloudseed Botswana delivers its services on a wholesale aggregation basis. Tebogo Mogashoa is the Chairman of Talis Holdings Group.

Each company in the Talis Holdings Group contributes to realizing our shared business goals: Tebfin (Pty) Ltd is a Financial Services Provider; Cloudseed (Pty) Ltd is a leading Internet Service Provider; Fleetmatics VMS (Pty) Ltd supplies fleet management and vehicle tracking services; Talis Property Fund (Pty) Ltd is engaged in Property Development and, finally, Contained (Pty) Ltd provides Modular Data Centre solutions.


Tebogo Mogashoa


Group Chairman of Talis Holdings (Pty) Ltd. Strategist and entrepreneur. Founded numerous successful start-up initiatives and is an equity owner in various strategic acquisitions.