Mobility brings the potential of technology to all classrooms in every school

Laptop Labs (EduPods)

The laptop labs provide flexible , richer learning and teaching opportunities and boost productivity with technology solutions for schools and higher education.
The laptop solution consists of 30 laptops which can be used wirelessly from any classroom in the school. They are able to run more calculations and graphically intense workloads than the thin client solution. This is particularly applicable in the case of streaming video content and other media rich content to the classrooms.

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Laptop labs


Learner Tablets
Tablets provide more options to help all students succeed, whatever their learning style or location. Online classes with:

  • Virtual group projects
  • Interactive presentations
  • Email
  • Internet access (with governed content)
  • Author documents
  • View and interact with curriculum content
  • The option to replace the more costly physical textbooks with eTextbooks.
  • This digital tool opens up new worlds of information, with around the clock access to a tablet and education aligned content, students can significantly enhance the learning experience and improve their results.
Laptop labs

Cloudseed’s Android based tablets will allow for a number of crucial features and benefits:

  • Access to textbooks and other static e-Learning materials
  • Office productivity suite (Kingsoft) will allows for document, spreadsheet and presentation authoring
  • Email for collaboration and communication
  • Access to the content filtered and cached Internet within classrooms
  • Access to rich educational media
  • Access to online ebook libraries
  • A tablet is significantly lighter than a school bag full of textbooks, given the storage available a learner will be able to have access to orders of magnitude more material than previously