In order to ensure the successful and optimal usage of the solution it is imperative that educators and learners alike are trained and skilled on the devices and applications provided.

To this end a dedicated training department and framework is provided to the schools network to ensure that training is provided on installation of new or upgraded systems and furthermore to provide continued training facilitation as and where required.

The course also provides opportunities for the development of key generic skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity and problem-solving, in contexts that derive naturally from the learning objectives, outcomes and experiences.

The demand for teacher professional development towards the attainment of ICT skills is a requirement in relation to the pedagogical development for positive learner outcomes.

Cloudseed offers two levels of training, namely:

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Orientation Training

The Orientation training programme will follow directly after the successful implementation of each school’s ICT facilities. The day-programme is aimed at all educators in the school, and will provide knowledge and understanding of the supplied equipment (server, laptops and mobile devices), enrolment of users and basic use of the applications and content supplied.

Advanced Training

The Advanced Training programme consists of a two day training course for attendees, facilitated by qualified training professionals. The course provides a deep-dive for educators on the detailed use of key applications provided in their lab, and is ultimately aimed at advancing the skills of participants to a level where they will be confident in further training Learners and other Educators at their school.