[headline_subtitle title=”MOBILE LAB” subtitle=”Comprehensive end-to-end connectivity, cloud offerings and infrastructure within hours, anywhere.”]

State of the art buses converted and outfitted into mobile computer laboratories


  • 20 Seats (up to 20 people per bus)
  • Each seat has: a workstation with internet, touch screen computers, e-mail
  • All busses are fitted with 2 Wireless Security Cameras which once the internet is activated, they go live
  • Each bus is fitted with a 1.8m dish, the latest in mobile satellite telecommunications, giving instant internet connectivity.
  • Air-conditioned
  • Equipped with on-board generators and a projector

The perfect solution to remote areas, temporary contractors work stations, quick scalability for projects, emergency response and disaster recovery operations.

Within hours you can set up workstations outside the door of your own offices and maintain communication and productivity.

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